Across the country, public charter schools struggle to gain access to high quality facilities that offer the appropriate amount of space to educate their students. A majority of charter schools are unable to utilize public school buildings, even in cities where such buildings stand vacant.

In New Orleans, educators and agents of change within the education community have a unique opportunity to create a new way of doing things.  We are fortunate that the federal government is providing an enormous amount of financial assistance to repair historic school buildings and build many new facilities for our children. However, in order to ensure that we do not squander this opportunity, we must find new ways to fund facility acquisition, development, renovation, maintenance, and capital repairs in the future.  We must distinguish the role of the property owner from the school tenants, and clearly define how charter schools and others will utilize these buildings.

The New Orleans School Facility Project is proud to serve the students of Orleans Parish by working to ensure equitable access to public school buildings for all of the city’s vital public school programs.